Samberkat Maine Coons


Samberkat Nosie Rosie - What can we say? She is not a Maine Coon by pedigree, but has picked up all of the traits and habits from covering her food to spreading her water.

Rosie came to us at about one year old after she decided to live with my parents. We took her into our home and she never looked back. We lovingly refer to her as our "Mean Coon." She is the Alpha cat and keeps everyone in line. Rosie doesn't like me, but adores Buddy. She lays on his chest at night and thinks of ways to kill me in my sleep.

Rosie reaffirms her relationship with longevity each spring and is one feisty little lady. We feel she deserves some recognition for all that she puts up with. She is, after all, only 8 pounds, and the boys LOVE to chase her and make her scream!

We love you dearly, Miss Rosie.


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